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Our Warranty

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At Mountain View Windows & Doors, our goal is to ensure that you feel confident in your purchase and installation. By offering our Mountain View Warranty, we go the extra mile to  cover any defects that may come up as a result from the installation process. 

Our chosen manufacturers have warranty’s that they stand behind as well, if you have any issues with their products. 

How the MountainView Warranty works

MountainView Warranty for Installation is 10 years with a 2 year Warranty on Caulking.

Product Warranty can vary on Mountainview Recommended Products. Standard 25 Year Warranty on Most Products.

The warranty covers any defects that could result from the installation. This includes caulking, insulation, cladding, and Interior Finishing.

Product Warranty includes Vinyl/Aluminum Exteriors/Insulated Glass Units/Operating hardware And Factory Applied Exterior Painting.

The warranty does not cover any defects that were not a direct result from the installation, any normal wear and tear on the windows or doors that come from weathering, any damage caused by the elements (Hail). Structural defects in your home that could damage your products.

Understandably unexpected circumstances can happen that could result in un-foreseen damage to the products. If there are any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us and see if we are able to help.